Helmet Paint


This is where we started. This is our bread and butter. Oktane Visual has become one of the premier race helmet paint studios in the country, with our unique design style and impeccable precision. Helmet paint is where drivers really get to show off their personality, and we make sure the process is as painless and efficient as possible. Our goal is to integrate the client’s personal flair into each and every helmet, while maintaining a truly bespoke and contemporary final design. We offer a couple different paint packages to fit any budget, from weekend warrior to professional pilot.

Helmet paint pricing depends on a lot of factors, but the first variable is the design. More complex designs take longer to layout, mask, and paint so the cost rises with that added labor. Additional special effects, intricate stencil usage, and wing and vent painting all can alter the cost as well. Please note that you are commissioning a very special and unique piece of custom personal artwork and our prices reflect that.

Please note that we DO NOT paint used helmets. In order to ensure the final paint job is of the highest quality, it is recommended that you provide a brand new, solid-color helmet. If you need to purchase a helmet, we are a dealer for Arai helmets and accessories, and would be happy to help you pick the right model for your needs.

Please DO NOT send us a helmet without booking an appointment or contacting us first. Any helmet that shows up without a spot in the calendar, will be shipped back to you at YOUR cost.

Spec : 1 Paint Job
  • Base Paint Job Price – $650+

A base-level paint package that captures your personality in a clean and iconic design. 1-3 colors, single-color pinstriping, and minimal airbrush work.

Spec : 2 Paint Job
  • Base Paint Job Price – $1000+

A high-end paint job that includes up to 5 colors, single-color pinstriping, moderate airbrush detail and layering, and minimal stencil work.

Spec : 3 Paint Job
  • Base Paint Job Price – $1500+

A custom helmet paint job with no expense spared. Unlimited colors, intricate and detailed airbrushing, extensive patterns and stencil work.

There are additional charges for special paint effects or detailed airbrush work. The list below outlines some of the pricing upcharges for these services. These effects can be added to any of our paint jobs at the cost listed.

  • Painted PED Kit – +$150
  • Metal Flake/Glitter Base – +$200
  • Silver/Gold Leaf – +$200
  • Holographic Vinyl – +$150
  • Matte Finish – +$150
  • Matte & Gloss Combo Finish – +$300
  • True Chrome Base – +$500

Turn-Around Time

Oktane Visual adheres to a strict calendar to maintain a consistent turn-around time throughout the year. We only book a few helmets per month and each month is broken down into design time (week 1), painting time (weeks 2-3), and clearcoating/reassembly/return shipping (week 4). Final turn-around time is planned at 1 month from the day we receive the helmet. Rush jobs can be negotiated and will be charged accordingly.

It is important to follow these simple guidelines in order to keep the process on schedule and to make sure the final product lives up both your and our expectations:

  • Helmet must be shipped and arrive within the first week of your booked month. This ensures we can start immediately after the design for the helmet has been approved.
  • Please provide timely feedback during the design phase.
  • Please have final 50% payment ready and sent by week 3 of the month. Final photos of the finished helmet before clearcoat will be sent to you at this point. After clearing, we will ship the helmet back out upon receiving final payment.

Payment Terms

We require a 50% deposit before we start working on your helmet. You can include cash or a check for half the total paint job amount along with the helmet when you send it or we also accept payment through PayPal. After the paint portion of the job is finished and the helmet is ready for final clearing, we’ll require you send the remaining balance of the payment and we’ll ship your rad looking brain bucket back to you. Alternative payment terms can be discussed if the helmet and payment are able to be exchanged in person at an upcoming event.